About Us

A non-profit corporation based in Vancouver, BC, Canada
“To maintain, promote and perpetuate the association of individuals who want promoting, sponsoring, enhancing, stimulating and adding to the exercise of ability and safety in the art of investing in real estate”.

BedStuy Gateway sponsors outdoor real estate investment activities throughout the year, consisting of seminars, analysis, publications, strategic property investment partnerships, along with training classes to instruct investing abilities and advertise opportunities. General meetings are held when a month, with slide discussions of activities done in your area and abroad by members and guests.

Through many business sponsors we are able to also achieve many of our real estate strategic goals. Many of which do follow under intense pressure for our staff. One of the latest examples of a sponsorship was from our business members (a real estate agent) that have generously donated for a great cause.

Our extensive library, maintained by the club is located in Vancouver BC Canada. The library consists of a variety of old real estate literature, rare books, manuals, scrapbooks of home/condo/commercial real estate investment ventures old and new and rescues in Canada, especially in Vancouver, and connected versions of all past club newsletters. This is typically the best source for research if someone is looking for old records of investment performance.

The club likewise sponsors numerous awards in acknowledgment of contribution to members of society, especially in Vancouver, volunteer contribution to the BedStuy Gateway Real Estate, as well as for more youthful, ambitious climbers.

MCA Real Estate is likewise active in promoting other real estate investment clubs, aiding with other REITS, and ensuring that the best records are kept for each transaction or partnership that ensues in real estate investment in Vancouver.

200 E. Pender Street

Vancouver, BC

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