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BedStuy Gateway Real Estate was formed to promote, measure, gather, and facilitate real estate investments and ventures in Vancouver, BC, and other regions in Canada. Our Club is second to none.
We welcome anyone who wishes to become a member.

  • membership-mountain-climberParticipate and Learn The BedStuy Gateway real estate conducts scheduled seminars and classes led by experienced club members, technical investors and home onwership courses, and other instruction throughout the year. The club maintains eight centres to best facilitate your arrival. T
  • Stay Informed The BedStuy Gateway Real Estate Club publishes a monthly newsletter, and sends it to all members. The Scree contains the minutes of general meetings, announcements of upcoming events, best property investment practices, the trip schedule and other announcement of potential real estate ventures by club members. A monthly meeting and presentation is held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 P.M. in the basement of the Vancouver Clubhouse 

Complete both parts of the form below if you intend to participate in club trips, or visit an MCA Real Estate seminar. Please make checks payable to BedStuy Gateway Real Estate. Dues are $10.00 for an individual or $15.00 for a family (one Scree per family). Membership is for one calendar year, through the 31st of December. Memberships paid after October 1st are good through the following year. If applying by mail, please include a self-addressed envelope for your membership card which is required to participate on club trips and training. Or you may pick it up at any monthly meeting.

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