How a single woman in brought up 3 kids and paid their college by investing in Vancouver properties

vancouver properties retired womanBack in 2000, Jennifer was a single mother who got recently divorced from her husband John, a truck driver and wife beater. With three kids to support back then life was not easy as it may sound to be. She was left with no other choice but to accept three hourly rate day jobs at the most to help augment her family income. She thought leaving her good for nothing husband would lead to better chances of a comfortable life for her and the three kids. She realized she was having the toughest job of all, that of a single mother. With the help of her family and single mother support group she was able to pick up the pieces of where her life has left off and eventually became an empowered woman who was able to send her three kids all the way up to college. Leading independent lives after a failed marriage is a challenging obstacle Jennifer has to hurdle everyday.

Having low income and answering the daily needs of her kids matters the most to her more than ever as well as securing their future with a good education. She was forced to accept jobs below her stature and odd jobs during the weekend to survive. Joining a real estate focused support group in Vancouver proved beneficial when she has availed of the benefits they provide for single moms. The support group gave affordable housing and adequate shelter to begin her life anew. It also educated her to seek legal and financial support from her former husband, regained her confidence again with their parenting /personality skills, and assured of a stable employment and good grade school education for her kids back then. With good moral support of the family their specific needs were met. The noble initiatives of the support group empowered many other single women like her as they open up and help build camaraderie in every meeting or activity giving them personal and economic freedom. Another factor that helped Jennifer survive was when she invested her hard earned money in Vancouver property.

Her ultimate goal was to become financially stable as soon as the kids reaches college and also have fun enjoying the fruits of their hard work and cooperative effort of her kids. She began budgeting her money wisely and when she has saved enough she buy stocks on finance which hit big and she just sit back and watch her money grow and accumulate more as the years go by. After five years of this continuous investing in real estate and condos she was able to gain financial freedom and economic stability. Prioritizing her children’s needs on education she focused on their welfare more and how they will become ten years after the divorce. Jennifer has done away with expensive family Sunday night out dates or eating in fine diners and opted for home cooking more. She even went far as doing away with Christmas gifts for the kids and choosing to invest her tax refund benefits, Christmas benefits to investing in real estate and condo. With the right attitude, proper discipline and taking bold steps for the future she was able to reverse her fate and her family situation. And this is how an empowered single woman in Vancouver, Canada has successfully brought up her three kids and paid heir college by investing in houses and apartments.

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