Bedstuy Vancouver Real Estate Club

BedStuy Gateway Vancouver Real Estate Action Monthly Club is an exclusive real estate monthly group.

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BedStuy Gateway Vancouver real estate Club

This group is open to those who want to create a better life for themselves by becoming financially free by investing in Vancouver real estate. Therefore, the members are able to do various transactions related to property investing in Vancouver in a convenient way.

High profile guests

One of the primary benefits of joining the BedStuy Gateway club is that members get to listen to high profile guest speaker. The guest speakers are experts who are practical with real estate and are investors themselves. They have experience with all types of investment properties like flipping condos, duplexes, apartments, triplexes and lofts, townhouses and other types of properties. One such speaker was our this top agent from specializing in flipping techniques right in the cheaper part of Vancouver East. Leaders in property management, home inspection, appraisal, commercial specialists, real estate sales, Lawyers to structure several innovative methods … like lease – options, skip transfer. Some of the prominent speakers who have addressed members of this club include Steven Thomas who is a renowned real estate expert with many years of experience. Another speaker was a major vancouver real estate land market presence, Rudy Nielsen.

Weekly news letters

Being a member of the BedStuy Gateway club also qualifies members to get weekly newsletters. These news letters are usually informative and detailed where they cover issues related to house investments in Vancouver. Some of the details contained in these news letters include; bc real estate listings, Vancouver mls listings and mls listing bc amongst others. The information in these news letters also includes the various changes happening on the Vancouver real estate. As a result, members of this group are always up dated on the various issues affecting Vancouver real estate and therefore they are always ahead of other dealers in real estate who do not get these news letters. Members also get details of various resources such as Vancouver and Vancouver Island where they can get more information.

vancouver property gurusMonthly meetings

The BedStuy Gateway Vancouver action monthly club meets up every month. This is important because members get to enjoy the various benefits such as high profile guest speakers every month. The members also get to exchange ideas on issues such as the appropriate ways to buy and sell Vancouver bc and also issues related to mls British Columbia. As a result, meeting monthly ensures that members help each other in diverse issues related to real estate in Vancouver.


Some of the most helpful lessons that members of the BedStuy Gateway club members get include on success and previous real estate. These lessons are important because they let the members know the particular strategies to apply so as to achieve great success in dealing with Vancouver property including Vancouver luxury real estate. The lessons on the previous real estate ventures also help members know what happened in the past and therefore know what to avoid currently or in the future.

signup-vancouver-residential-investment-clubMonthly exercises

Sessions are held on the first Monday evening every month in downtown Vancouver. (On occasion, because of holidays it is moved to Tuesdays). You will get to meet other members. They have meetings – after the session – for a cocktail every month meant to get them to mingle. they hold “how to negotiate” meetings periodically. they have individual member Mentors to help you achieve your objectives. There are other periodic sessions as well – such as their outlook conference in the fall.

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